The Citrix Profile management could not mount virtual disk

David Wilkinson wrote an excellent article about how to configure Citrix Profile management to support roaming OST & Search Indexing.

Here’s a link to David’s article

So it was time to spin up the lab and test this new feature although there are still some limitations. I configured all the settings that are necessary and started testing the solution but I noticed after logon on the users home directory there were no .vhdx files available in the users home directory.

So I started looking at the event log and noticed the following event id 3005 from Citrix Profile Management:

Eventid 3005, Citrix Profile Management

The Citrix Profile management could not mount virtual disk from ‘\\fileserver\home$\user1\windows\VHD\Win2016\OutlookSearchIndex.vhdx’ to access point ‘C:\Users\user1\Appdata\Roaming\Citrix\Search\’.

Error code: ‘0x80070005’:

The Citrix Profile management could not mount virtual disk from ‘\\fileserver\home$\user1\windows\VHD\Win2016\OutlookOST.vhdx’ to access point ‘C:\Users\user1\Appdata\Local\Microsoft\UpmTempMountPoint\’.

Error code: ‘0x80070005’:

My Home directory configuration was done a long time ago, so when looking at this configuration it had the Domain Admins with full control and Domain Users with read/write at the share permissions.
Then I added the “default user group” Everyone back again and removed the other two user groups. And gave the “Everyone” group full control at share level.

Now login again with the normal user account on the VDA, and as you can see in the picture below the .vhdx files are available now!


This is quite interesting, and needs a bit more research. If you look at the open files at the file server you can see the that .vhdx files are accessed by the VDA machine account in my case worker01$:

Just to make sure to see if Citrix Profile Management is using the machine account for accessing the share I removed the “Everyone” group from the Share Permission and added the computer account: worker01$ with full control and the Domain users with read/write permissions and Domain Admins with full control
Next removed the existing profile from the file share and logon with the user account and the .vhdx files are created again during the login process.


Of course if you have multiple VDA’s you can also create a computer group for the VDA computers, instead of configuring them individually.

I’ve searched on the to find out if there are special requirements for the share permissions with Citrix Profile Management but I couldn’t find them.